Faranula EGSW6 Fem1The British Indian Ocean Territories Atoll project investigates the effects of deep ocean water flushing upon planktonic communities within the coral atolls of the British Indian Ocean Territory including Diego Garcia, Peros Banhos, Salomon and Egmont. This research considers the environmental drivers that influence the structure of these planktonic systems. This project provides a valuable opportunity to investigate one of the largest global marine reserves that remains relatively untouched from direct anthropogenic pressures. Therefore, the results will present a useful baseline from which to better understand the ecosystems within western Indian Ocean atolls and inform marine policy.

The latest publication, published in Frontiers in Marine Science, examines the effects of  deep oceanic flushing through channels between four atolls (Diego Garcia, Salomon, Egmont, and Peros Banhos) on water properties and planktonic assemblages in the British Indian Ocean Territory Marine Reserve.

Images of zooplankton collected as part of the BIOTA project.Read the publication.

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