A short film about project ROPE. This project looks at positive ecosystem interactions with the UK’s first large-scale, offshore mussel farm (Offshore Shellfish Ltd). The long-term University of Plymouth research is showing how the farm can restore degraded seabed habitats and have benefits for the surrounding wild capture fisheries in Lyme Bay.


STORM highlights how the Lyme Bay Marine Protected Areas that excluded bottom-towed fishing in 2008 has increased the resilience of the coral and sponge reef ecosystem to extreme climatic events. When the area was hit by extreme storms in 2014 the recovering community

Lyme Bay experimental potting project

This animation explains the results of the experimental study that looked at the impacts of increasing pot fishing on both the ecosystem and local fisheries: Published in Scientific Reports ‘Optimal fishing effort benefits fisheries and conservation’


Introduction to the Immature Bass Acoustic Stock Surveillance project:

Methods used to catch and tag bass for the Immature Bass Acoustic Stock Surveillance project are explained in the below video:


Baited Remote Underwater Video (BRUV) highlights from Lyme Bay, as part of the Recover-Reef project:

Lyme Bay RETURN project

Videos relating to the EMFF funded RETURN project:

Sea fangles

Accompanying the paper in Biological Conservation is the short video below, which explains the sea fangle phenomenon!


See the video below for a short summary, and read the article in Marine Biodiversity for more detail.