Sea fangles

What is a sea fangle?!

Citizen scientists have observed gorgonian coral (Pink Sea Fan) skeletons stranding on beaches across southwest England, entangled in marine debris. This has been supported by reports by SCUBA divers that gorgonian corals were being caught up and damaged in lost fishing gear and other marine litter. We worked with citizen scientists and students at Plymouth University to assess the composition and distribution of sea fangles from around the southwest of England. For a brief explanation of the phenomenon, see the video below, and for more detail, read the paper in the journal Biological Conservation.

The Marine Conservation Society have also featured sea fangles in their Autumn 2017 newsletter. Read the article here!

Get involved!

The Sea fangles project aims to build upon these observations, compiling a global record of the occurrence of sea fangles. If you find anything you suspect may be a sea fangle, get in touch on twitter by using #areyouaseafan or via the email address at the bottom of the page. Please include an image of the sea fangle, a list of the different marine debris entangled, and state the location and time it was found.

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